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A Photo Gallery for Noctis Valkyries is now available. Click here to view it.

The Noctis Valkyries Metal Fest was a great success! Scarab Productions would like to say thank you to a number of people who helped us out with the show:

Thanks to all the devoted metal fans who came to the show. The attendance was excellent, and the bands all played to an enthusiastic and energetic crowd.

Thanks to the volunteer crew, Leah, Lanny, Kelsey Sarah, Marie, Santana, Niki, Jill and Liz. Special thanks also to Matt, Pat and Hayes. You all did a great job! A special thanks to James Stangroom for the doing all the festival photos.

Thanks to Casey for being the headliner's transportation, and to Greg for being stage manager and professionally handling all the headliners' requests. Thanks to Foad who helped out with some special requests on short notice. Thanks to Gio and Grif for standby gear. Many thanks also to Caveat for loaning the use of their jam pad.Thanks Lisataime for the extra lights. Also thanks to Sound Art for the excellent sound, and Christie Lights for the lights. A special thanks to Greg Curtis.

An especially large thank you goes out to all the bands that played. It was a long time in arranging, sometimes communicating over great distances, but we hope you enjoyed the Fest as much as we did!

Until next time, thanks to all who were apart of this festival.

Tune in to the Vinland Radio Podcastby clicking here to listen to music from the bands that played the festival, and an exclusive interview with Brian Langley, Lead Vocalist of Infernal Majesty. Also listen for you chance to win an Autographed copy of Infernal Majesty’s new EP.

Stay posted for picture galleries.

Scarab Productions is pleased to announce the Noctis Valkyries Metal Fest,

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007
MacEwan Hall Ballroom, University of Calgary
Doors open at 1:30 pm, Bands from 2:00 PM until Midnight
All Ages show; licensed beer garden.


Sumerian Thrashing Black Metal from the Netherlands/Israel

"... thematically plumbing the intricacies and obscurities at stake in monstrous (pro)creation...interspersed with macabre, elegant riffing."


Black Metal from USA/Colombia

"... in these primitive and simplistic rhythms and relative motions in a world of simple elements, there is a deep and violent power communicated."


Infernal Majesty
Blackened Thrash from Vancouver, Canada

"... every time your head comes up from headbanging, Infernal Majesty have moved onto the next riff....you’ll be left wanting more."


Verbal Deception
Folk-Infused Heavy Metal from Calgary, Canada

"... power, classic, death, black speed, and thrash all collide providing a firm old-school anchor for the folk elements weaved in throughout the metal which makes Verbal Deception a band steeped in tradition."


Dark Forest
Vinlandic Heathen Metal from Calgary, Canada

"... drawing inspiration from Norse mythology, Canada's own viking history ....and especially nature, Dark Forest achieves a haunting, contemplative mood."


Wolves in the Throne Room
Blackened Folk Doom Metal from Washington State, USA

"...these compositions ebbing and flowing freely through the realms of emotional tremolo powered Black Metal, nature inspired melancholy, heftier well-defined riffs,.. and heartstopping funeral doom."


Insidious Omen
Black Metal from Edmonton, Canada

"...sick, raw, primal hatred emoting from these skull-crushing demons. The rhythms occasionally vary in speed, but it is mostly fast-paced and always brutal."


Melodic Black Death Metal from Calgary, Canada

Lords of the Mountain
Folk Death "Dwarven" Metal from Calgary, Canada

Melodic Death Metal from Calgary, Canada

©2007 Scarab Metal Productions